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Training tips


We recommend you consult with your vet before starting an exercise program with your dog. Vets can recommend both the length of time and intensity for the programm, and tailor this to your pet’s  needs.

Dog Sizes

Different breeds have more stamina than others. Develop the length of the walk based on the breed of the dog. Always make sure the length of the walk is in line with what what your dog can comfortably do. 

start slow

It’s important to start training at your dog’s current fitness level. This is especially true if your dog is older, or overweight. Make sure you slowly build up your dog's endurance. Be realistic-can you dog do a 5K? Your dog's safety is the most important aspect of training.

watch for fatigue

Listen and watch for signs of fatigue and make sure you have plenty of water with you. Pay close attention to your dog’s footpads for signs of wear. Avoid hot surfaces and trails with sharp rocks.

Exercise at cooler times of the day and avoid extremely hot and humid days.

Bring a leash

Off-leash exercise is normally recommended, but since the event will require dogs on-lead, we advise that you practice this with your dog when building up your training regime.

We strongly recommend that you use a harness to reduce any tension around your dog’s neck. We will be offering tips on how to work with your dog on a leash to do the obstacles. Stay tuned..

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