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 Does my dog require specialized training? Do I need to prepare it for the race?

There’s no need for specialized training. If your dog is socialized, can climb stairs, can jump and run on a leash with you, everything will be just fine as far as the dog is concerned.

Does my dog need vaccinations?

Yes, we do require current vaccinations, and will be requiring proof of vaccinations at check-in.  Don't forget to bring in your copy with you.  This is for the safety of your dog and all dogs involved, if you haven't given your dog DHLPP vaccinations, we highly recommend it before your dog gets into any local body of water in Oklahoma.

Can I register to the run with a dog of any size?

Yes, you can, size doesn't matter! However, please be aware of your dog's size if you need to help them over/under an obstacle. Be sure you are able to handle your dog.

What are you doing about COVID-19?

We will be practicing social distancing as best as we can.  Since our start times are staggered, we will be monitoring how many people and dogs are allowed on the course at a time. The vendors at our event will be spread apart and monitoring how to keep people 6 ft apart as much as possible.  MASKS are welcomed, and we will hope to have mask available to purchase at the event. Please see our COVID-19 page coming soon.

Can I compete with a borrowed dog?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. If you don’t know a dog very well, it will be harder to predict its reactions.

 Can I run with two of my dogs at the same time?

Unfortunately no, there are a few safety reasons, why it's a bad idea. Ask a friend to sign up and run your extra dog with you. It will be fun to share that way.

How about two persons running with one dog?

This is absolutely okay, however, each runner must register and get their own bib.

Is there a minimum/maximum age limit for dogs?

Officially, the minimum age limit for any dog is one year of age, but besides that, please just be reasonable and responsible when registering an older dog for the race. The run can be strenuous for dogs, so you know your dog's limits, don't put them in a situation that could endanger them, this is for fun after-all.

 Can I start the race at the same time with a friend?

Of course you can. During registrations you'll have to pick a time slot available during the day (from 9AM to 2PM). Just make sure that you and your friend pick the same round, however, registering early will ensure you both get the same slot.  We are only allowing a certain number of people/dog teams in at a time.

What is the minimum age limit for runners?

Minors that are at least 16 years of age can join the race, but only with a parental consent. Any children younger that, can come as spectator to cheer and enjoy the festivities around the run. It's just not safe to have children younger than 16 in a run with this many dogs.

I can't make it to the race due to my dog's medical issues, what can I do?

There are a few options: 1. You may be allowed to run without your dog 2. You may be allowed to run with a different dog 3. You may transfer your pass to a friend freely. Either way, please make sure to contact us and explain your issue, we'll do our best to help you out.

Can I change the wave I'm running in?

Of course, just log into the Registration Module, where you registered in the first place:  and go to Step #5 to change it. If the wave isn't already full, it should go as easy as that. *However, please be aware, that any modification in your registration should be done 120 hours before the Race* Day

What do I receive prior the Race Day?

The only thing we'll send you is a Runner's Guide via email, which contains necessary information regarding the race. Everything else will be given to you on the Run Day or at one of our packet pickups.

What are the options for food at the event?

Food Trucks will be available on the Event Day, with plenty of options to choose from, including vegetarian dishes, and dishes with different types of meat.

I’ve registered for a wave, when do I need to show up?

Show up at least an hour before your wave starts! Of course, it’s best if you arrive earlier because preparation takes some time. If you bring a mobile kennel, it takes time to set it up, as well as getting from the parking lot to the registration desk.

If you accidentally miss your wave, it’s possible that you will need to wait until the end of the day for the extra wave.

 Is there a possibility to clean myself up after the race?

Yes, you can. We provide rinse off hoses for your and your dog to wash off.  

What happens if my dog doesn’t want to do one of the obstacles?

No problem. You can pick up your dog at any of your obstacles, thereby helping it. If you really can’t manage, you can go around the obstacle, we won't penalize you for it.  This is supposed to be a day of fun afterall.

My dog is in heat, can she still compete in the race? Why not?

Unfortunately, no. There will be too many dogs here, I don't think we need to explain more.

Do I have to have a lead on my dog at all times?

Yes, the leash is necessary to guarantee the safety of every runner, including yourself.

What if I can’t complete the race fast enough?

No problem. You go in your own pace. The point is that you finish the whole race, because you can only get the medal – and feel the pride – if you cross the finish line. There is no time limit though.

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