The Rescues

Please come and help to raise money for the following animal charities: Second Chance in Norman, Oliver & Friends Farm Rescue, Country Roads Rescue and Mutt Misfits. We chose these four charities because in the past year, they took the chance on bringing injured and homeless dogs in to us at The Water Bark for therapy and recreational swims. Please read their stories below.

  • Odin. Second Chance of Norman contacted us and told us they had a young dog in their facility that had just undergone a bi-lateral FHO on his hips and was needing some swim therapy according to the Veterinarian. It only took one time for us to see him to fall in love. He was apparently hit by a car at 12 weeks old or so, and was unfortunately not taken care of immediately. If they hadn’t taken the time to pick this sweet boy up from the shelter and raise the money for surgery and swimming, we never would have met him and he may have never made it to a loving home. Thank you, Second Chance.

  • Pig, Percy, Griffin, Barney and so many more... All of these dogs came to us for swim therapy from Mutt Misfits. Pig is an ex-bait dog that was apparently tied down and fighting dogs were allowed to practice on her. When she first came to see us, she could barely walk a couple of feet and would be completely out of energy. Now she swims a full 30 minutes and even runs occasionally in her back yard. Percy also came to us without being able to walk. No one knows why but he literally had to drag himself into our facility. He is now making a full recovery in a loving foster home. Barney came to Mutt Misfits severely malnourished and in need to two hip surgeries.  We met him after his first surgery and helped him swim to recovery, then back to the Veterinarian he went again for his second surgery.  Griffin is another non-walker story that came to us.  After having a severe case of distemper; he was brought in to see if we could work with him on learning to use his legs again.  Griffin has made almost a full recovery and is still coming in to help with his balance.  Thanks to Mutt Misfits – these dogs wouldn’t have had the opportunity to shine like they do now.

  • Milo... Oliver and Friends contacted us to help Milo with swim therapy after undergoing extensive surgery at OSU. He was born with both front elbows reversed and walked on the back side of his feet. OSU was able to reverse the elbows and fuse them, but Milo needed strengthening so they called us. If you don’t know about Milo, you should read his story at He is a wonderful little guy who got a second chance thanks to Oliver and Friends.



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