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The Rescues

The first story we will tell you about is our beloved Odin. Second Chance of Norman contacted us and told us they had a young dog in their facility that had just undergone a bi-lateral FHO on his hips and was needing swim therapy according to the Veterinarian. It only took one time for us to see him and fall in love. He was apparently hit by a car at 12 weeks old or so, and was unfortunately not taken care of immediately. If they hadn’t taken the time to pick this sweet boy up from the shelter and raise the money for surgery and swimming, we never would have met him and he may have never made it to a loving home. Thank you, Second Chance.


The second story we will tell you about is Cookie. Cookie was adopted from OK Humane Society from one of our customers.  Her adopted mom wanted Cookie to come into our facility to help her with her anxiety issues that she had.  When she first came into The Water Bark, she was frightened and did not enjoy her swimming at all.  After a couple of visits, she was introduced to the owners’ dog, Ralph and they became instant friends.  Ralph, Odin and Cookie spent many hours together at The Water Bark and now she has blossomed into a perfectly happy-go-lucky little girl.  She still comes in weekly to have her swim-time with her buddy Ralph and we absolutely adore her.  Thanks to OK Humane Society, she has changed from a very shy, scared little girl to the wonderful fun-loving dog she is now.


The third story is about Kaiser from Mutt Misfits. Meet Kaiser, an approximately 58lb, male, German Shepherd mix who was born in approximately January 2021 and became a Misfit when he was brought into a local shelter emancipated and barely using his front legs. It was discovered that Kaiser was not using his front legs because of breaks in them. After additional care and a visit to the neurologist it was also determined that he has Osteochondrodysplasia. This is simply a growth and developmental abnormality that causes his bones to not grow to their normal size or shape. Due to both of these, Kaiser bunny hops when he walks and runs. He takes a daily medication to help with pain as well as a supplement. He also does swim therapy at the Waterbark which has helped loosen him up and walk better. Kaiser doesn’t let any of his medical issues slow him down. He is such a fun little guy to work with in the water. Thanks to Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society he is able to live a completely normal happy life.

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